Turtle Farm in Wunder Bar Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka

Turtle farm - Wunder Bar, Bentota, Sri Lanka

Turtle farm – Wunder Bar, Bentota, Sri Lanka

I wrote already about the beginning of my trip to Sri Lanka in the article Visit Sri Lanka Part 1. Today I wanted to share one unique feature of the “Wunder Bar” hotel, where I was staying in Bentota, during my first trip to Sri Lanka, and it is about the turtle farm.

Turtle Farm in the Wunder Bar Hotel

I want to note that the Sri Lankans are very concerned about the protection of their environment. Sri Lanka is indeed a unique country. In Sri Lanka are growing all kinds of palm trees. In Sri Lanka, there are many exotic animals. The ocean surrounding the island is very rich underwater world.

I really like the fact that local people of Sri Lanka are trying to save endangered species that live in this beautiful country.

The first thing I saw when I was walking along the beach with huge suitcases in search of a hotel – it is signed “Turtle Farm in Hotel Wunder Bar», as well as a sign with the slogan “Save the turtles from extinction.”  I could not believe that the hotel live turtles at the beginning.

Exploring The Turtle Farm

The hotel staff gave us a tour of the turtle farm, as soon as we were settled in the room.

Any traveler who bought a tour package from a travel agency is unlikely to have the luck to live in the hotel, on the territory of which has its own turtle farm. We can assume this is one of the bonuses of my independent travel.

The turtle farm was small. I have already visited a crocodile farm in Thailand and pearl farm in Krabi. These farms were impressive size.

Turtle Farm at the Wunder Bar was small, rather homely, but it adds uniqueness to this place.

Turtles are found in small pools. In the five major basins were 5 different types of turtles and even a 3-pools were small ones.

Turtle farm: Big turtle look at me

Turtle farm: Big turtle look at me

Turtle farm: Big turtle relaxing

Turtle farm: Big turtle relaxing

Turtle farm: Small turtles

Turtle farm: Small turtles

I have never seen such large turtles before this trip. Moreover, I was expecting to see tortoises. Instead, I saw a big underwater turtle of various types and colorings.

On the walls of a turtle farm evict poster, which depicted different types of turtles. I didn’t find only 2-3 species of turtles in this small farm.

We took some photos with large turtles and some photos from the young. It was a great pleasure to see the first day of his stay in Bentota something new.

Large turtles always slept. We turned “talk” big turtle is very rare, but very small turtles were willing to touch.

The locals told us later, that their village there is a movement – “Saving the turtles from extinction.” The owner of the villa, where we lived, was directly involved in the movement “to save the turtles” and was the leader of this movement.

Turtle Farm – is a non-profit activity, based only on the enthusiasm of people who want to save the turtles as a species! The main objective is to preserve the farm for the next generation of turtles, as well as the fight against the destruction of turtle eggs.

Since immemorial times, turtles chose Ceylon for the birth of their offspring. Of the eight species of sea turtles breed in the five coastal sands of the island. The females emerge from the sea to lay their eggs in the sand. Turtles live about 100 years and are able to breed for 25 years. Instinctively, turtles lay their eggs in the place where they themselves were born. After the establishment of the organization, many people who collected turtle eggs for sale to restaurants, began to sell the turtle eggs on the farm. With this project, greatly reduced the use of turtle eggs as food.

In addition, the farm treats sick or injured turtles, and also released into the ocean. In addition, different types of sea turtles live in the basin as exhibits. They will also be released into the ocean after 4 – 5 years.