Where Could It Be? The Most Interesting Places Visible From The Satellite

Where could it be? There is almost no one place that has not been investigated by man on the planet. With the development of technology to explore the planet’s surface was made possible without leaving the couch. You only need to download “Google Earth” and go on!

Where Could It Be?

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's 130-meter portrait

Where could it be? – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s 130-meter portrait

7. Where Could It Be? Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s 130-meter portrait

130-meter portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – Turkish reformer and the first president of the Turkish Republic – is located on the peninsula of Anatolia, the city of Erzincan. Ataturk’s portrait was created manually by 3,000 volunteers in 1982. The basis of the portrait is limestone boulders collected from the nearby hills and 7 100 tons of colored black and white paint. The coverage area is 7500 square meters.

Location: Turkey, Eastern Anatolia, city of Erzincan (Erzincan).
Google Earth Coordinates: 39.7897, 39.4764

Mountain reminiscent of an-Indian with a headdress listened iPod

Where could it be? – Mountain reminiscent of an Indian with a headdress listened iPod

6. Where Could It Be? Badlands Guardian

Mountains resembling the Indian iPod listener (Badlands Guardian), which also have a beautiful headdress. Headphones are the roads and the oil well.

Location: Canada, Alberta, 40 km from the Medicine Hat city.
Google Earth Coordinates: 50.0106, 110.1135

Where Could It Be? The Giant signature - «HAMAD»

Where Could It Be? The Giant signature – «HAMAD»

5. Where Could It Be? The Giant signature – «HAMAD»

Giant signature – «HAMAD» – Arabian sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan on his island Futaisi near Abu Dhabi. Hamad, also known as Sheikh Rainbow (The Rainbow Sheikh), a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Not that Sheikh Hamad suffered megalomania, but it apart from the biggest labels in the world – «HAMAD» – the size of 1700 by 500 meters, there is one of the largest car collections from the world’s largest truck, specifically designed for it, with several bedrooms and a weight of over 50 tons.

Location: United Arab Emirates, 10 km from the Abu Dhabi.
Google Earth Coordinates: 24.3451, 54.3247

Gulliver sculpture

Where could it be? The Gulliver’s sculpture

4. Where Could It Be? The Gulliver’s sculpture

Gulliver in Edinburgh – is almost sounds like a fifth unreleased part of “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. Sculpture Gulliver  was created in 1976 for the developing of “Kreygmillar” area and in those years was the largest concrete sculpture in Europe. As planned by Jimmy Boyle, designer sculptures, Gulliver was to be an interactive play area for several generations (see 3 and 4 images of the distant 70’s).

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh.
Google Earth Coordinates: 55.9300, -3.1187

An Island in Time

Where could it be? An Island in Time

3. Where Could It Be? An island in time

Celtic sign or a huge “pretzel” near the airport in Munich. «An Island in Time» is the title of a work of art, created in 1995. Artist William Holderid at its creation was based on Celtic motifs, well, huge “pretzel” it is known locally, probably for obvious similarities. Millions of people will see this sign, flying over it to the airport, Franz Josef Strauss in Munich, near which it is located.

Location: Germany, Munich.
Google Earth Coordinates: 48.3526, 11.7319

The face of Jesus Christ on the field in Hungary

The face of Jesus Christ on the field in Hungary

2. Where could it be? The face of Jesus Christ on the field in Hungary

The face of Jesus Christ on the field in Hungary. This silhouette in the form of a human face was detected this summer, followed by the news of this discovery spread around the world. Google has already replaced the image on Google Earth and now the silhouette is not as plain text, but I saved the picture below, you can see it as it was at the time when the news of his face was discovered.

Location: Hungary, north of the city Pyushpekladan.
Google Earth Coordinates: 47.3467, 21.1145

60-meter long pink bunny

Where could it be? 60-meter long pink bunny

1. Where could it be? 60-Meter long pink bunny

60-meter long pink bunny on the Italian hills. It was created in 2005 by a group of artists called Getlin. The area is a huge doll knitted from wool and stuffed with straw. It is not known how this sculpture on conviction creators will stand 15 years, but now many tourists are offered to climb the huge hare and the rest on his huge belly.

Location: Italy, 65 km from Monaco in the town Artesina (Artesina).
Google Earth Coordinates: 44.2441, 7.7697