Solo travel to Thailand

My first solo travel to Thailand (Pattaya VS Krabi)

I visited Thailand for the first time by tour package, before I planned my first solo travel to Thailand. It was the Christmas holidays. My friend suggested me to go to Thailand. We had a big company, consisting of 5 members. I didn’t have any special plans for a New Year, so I agreed.

My first solo travel to Thailand by tour package: Introduction

Before visiting the Thailand, I have visited Finland, Sweden, France, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, so I had an experience to compare this country with other ones.

I will not describe this trip in detail, as the subject of my article “Solo travel to Thailand.” I just want to point out the fact that Thailand has made ​​a great impression on me and I’d like to come back to this wonderful Asian country.

On my first trip to Thailand, I have almost all the time spent in Pattaya at Pattaya Park Hotel. Afternoon my friends and I went to the Koh Samet island, in the evening we walk around the Walking Street and visited one excursion on the River Kwai (More on this tour you can find in my article “Kwai River Thailand“).

As I said above, I really wanted to go back to the fabulous Thailand, so this time I decided to plan a solo travel to Thailand.

Planning a solo travel to Thailand

I can notice at once that to plan my first solo travel to Thailand, I had a lot of time. I spent 2 months in preparing this solo travel.

First of all, I studied all the possible forums about Thailand. I have read many articles about “downshifting” in Thailand. I have studied all the information about visas in Thailand, about the insurance in Thailand, and of course I have studied the most interesting places to visit in Thailand.

If you need the information about buying cheap airline tickets, you can read my article “How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets“.

The information about planning travel to Asia, hotel reservations, etc., you can read my article “Plan Your Trip in Asia“.

Given the fact that two of my previous articles gives detailed answers to questions about self-planning travel to Asia on I will not stop your attention on these moments in my new article.

The main thing I want to mention in your article – this is something that I first learned about a unique place in the Thailand – The “Krabi Province“. I mostly found only information about visiting Pattaya on all of the Internet forums to discuss travel to Thailand. And there is almost none information about Krabi Province.

I decided to do the following:

I have 2 weeks for the entire trip. I’ll make ​​a stop for 5 days in Pattaya (The City, where I spent my first vacations and I know its characteristics), and the remaining 9 days I planned to take place in Krabi Province.

It was a big risk for me to visit Krabi Province. The fact that I was planning to make a trip with my girlfriend, who later became my wife. I did not want to disappoint her.

Krabi province seemed to me a mysterious and dangerous. I didn’t find any correct information on the internet about Krabi province, so I was very nervous. Among other things, I saw the weather forecast in Krabi for 2 weeks. The weather forecast was showing me the rain and the thunderstorms each day.

You can understand me – there is nothing worse on vacation as bad weather. This small but very important point could ruin our entire vacations.

But I decided to take a chance…

Solo travel to Thailand: The Suvarnabhumi airport (Bangkok)

We overcame a long flight and landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok).

I had the opportunity to take a direct flight to the Krabi Province, but I have decided to stay a few days in Pattaya. I thought that if we did not get lucky with the weather in Krabi, then, at least, we’ll remember the great 5 days in Pattaya.

After we left the airport in the street I saw a taxi nearby. I was immediately embarrassed that taxis were the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class.

Of course I could afford to have a trip to Pattaya in luxury car, but I felt that it should be somewhere the city taxi or the parking Shuttle bus.

I returned to the airport and tried to talk to people to find out where I can find a cheaper taxi. The problem was the language barrier. All those people who knew the English were also the first time in Thailand. All the local people didn’t speak in English.

My search gave no result. I went back to the expensive taxi park. I saw a presentable Thai man at the taxi-park. I realized that this man knows the English, and I asked him – “Where can I found a city-taxi?”.

As it turned out, the parking of the city-taxi was based 2 floors below.

We went downstairs. There was a woman on the street who took payment for a taxi and gave out coupons. I paid about 1500 Baht and we got into a taxi.

My girl was asleep on the way, and I enjoyed the view of palm trees and beautiful weather in the month of January.

Some time later we arrived in Pattaya.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Pattaya

When I first time visited Pattaya by the tour package I had not considered the city closely. We were met at the airport, then we were taken by bus to the hotel. Later, we enjoyed the nightlife of Pattaya on The Walking Street.

This time I did not recognize Pattaya. We arrived in the town. The city looked like a slum. The streets were dirty, wire cables hanging all around. Food was cooked right on the streets. All of this action took place against the background of the terrible Guest House buildings.

The taxi driver stopped near the hotel. I thought to myself – “Horror of horrors! Am I booked this hotel?”. Then the taxi driver made a few more stops. At the each taxi stop, I felt the beating of my heart, when we drove to the slums.

As I found out, the driver did not know where our hotel is located. We drove through one turn after another, and finally – “A miracle, I exclaimed!” We arrived to the “Miracle Suite Hotel”. My impressions about this hotel you can read in my article (Link to article). In this article, I described this hotel. I can say only one thing – the hotel was gorgeous!

Also, I want to mention that I studied almost all hotels in Pattaya, presented at the “The Miracle Suite Hotel Pattaya” was truly one of the best in Thailand in terms of price / quality ratio. “The Miracle Suite Hotel” is owned hotel network “LK Hotels”. I think that the choice of any hotel owned by this network would be the most successful when visiting Pattaya.

We unpacked and went for a walk on the “Walking Street”.

The walk was not very long. I was about to sleep. So I can’t say anything new about my first day in Pattaya.

Next morning, the first thing I decided to go to the “Ko Lan” Island. Koh Samet Island – is the nearest island to Pattaya.

Solo travel to Thailand: The “Ko Lan” Island (Koh Lan, Koh Larn)

First of all, I want to describe the beaches of Pattaya. Very many travelers booked a tour to an expensive hotel, such as “The Royal Cliff Pattaya” and spend your entire vacation on the hotel territory. The travelers are swimming in the pool and visiting the Pattaya Beaches.

All the beaches of Pattaya are just very bad. There is dirty water, lots of tourists and debris on the Pattaya city beaches. Sometimes I feel sorrow to see the people who were resting at The Royal Cliff and believe that they have visited Thailand! Very often these people publish on the internet photos and video reports from the beaches of Pattaya. All of these people are not happy, they say how dirty the water in Thailand. They say that they prefer Egypt, instead of Thailand.

How are all these people are wrong. In just 30 Baht ($ 1) you can sail on a ferry to the Ko Lan Island and spend time in a tropical paradise!

Thailand – it is not a country to stay in the hotel. In this country, you need to be always a solo traveler. But I will not rush things ☺

I will say only that You can find wonderful beaches, on the island of Ko Lan, not so far from Pattaya (It’s over if you never been in the Krabi Province, but more on that later).

Do not take an excursion to Koh Larn, which costs 150 Baht ($ 5) in no case. The excursion ferry arriving always on the same beach. You can just buy a ticket to Ko Lan for 30 Baht ($ 1) and then drive on a motorcycle (The island’s taxi) on any beach of the island. And to be even more cunning, the ferry runs on a completely different beach, far more picturesque, in the special time.

But I found a paradise beach on the Ko Larn. The ferry does not arrive to this beach. This beach does not have a dock. You will find only 12 sun beds and a small bar on this beach

To get to this beach – ask a taxi driver (on a motorcycle) to take you into the most little bay. Or, even better, you can find this bay on the Google maps and show the taxi driver this beach on your iPhone or iPad.

Photo gallery of the beaches on the Ko Lan Island

Pattaya is famous as the capital of sex tourism. I’m not very interesting to write about it in my article. But if you come to Pattaya to find a girlfriend or a wife, you can come use my instructions described in this article “How to find a girlfriend in Thailand“.

Also, I recommend to buy a tour to the Kwai River. Why do I recommend this particular tour? – It’s very simple. This tour will take you 2 days. During the tour you will visit the waterfalls, elephant trekking, you’ll feed the monkeys, you’ll visit the factory of wood carving, you’ll spend the night in a hotel on the water and you’ll raft on the River Kwai on the raft, and then rafting by yourself. (My impressions about this tour you can read in this article “Kwai River Thailand“.)

We spent 5 days in Pattaya. In summary, I note that this way is usually spent a time these people who first come to Thailand as tourists.

This way a 90% of travelers remembering the Thailand: Living in the hotel, swimming in the dirty beaches of Pattaya, a visit to the island of Ko Larn (at best), a trip to Bangkok and the River Kwai, Walking Street, Thai massage, and the souvenirs.

But now, I’d like to tell about the most interesting.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Krabi province, or how I spent the last 9 days in paradise

I have already written above, that when I was planning my first solo travel to Thailand, I chose to visit the unknown region – the Krabi province.

I visited Pattaya before, but the Krabi province was beckoning for a real adventure. I went to a totally unusual place for me to meet the unknown.

First of all, I booked a domestic flight from Bangkok to the Krabi province by Air Asia airlines. Air Asia – is a budget airline, which operates flights throughout whole Asia. The prices for domestic flight was pleasantly surprised me. Given the fact that we were flying in economy class, we were offered menus. The food was for an extra fee, but it was worth about $ 5 per person. The food was very tasty. The flight was not long, so I’m not too tired.

We landed at the Krabi airport. I was pleasantly surprised by Krabi Airport. The airport was small, compact, but very clean and comfortable.

When we walked down the ramp, the first thing that alarmed me – it’s thick clouds and a very strong humidity.

We caught a taxi. The first thing that struck me – the taxi driver knows the English. Given the fact that no one spoke in English in Pattaya, it sounded very surprised.

We quickly drove to Krabi Town and I froze in amazement. The road was just fabulous. We drove all the way between the cliffs. The abundance of plants was simply amazing (Even then, I began to realize that the climate of Krabi is different from the climate of Pattaya).

We went round the cliffs one by one. I have never been so happy with the way. I already felt that something amazing awaiting me, but I could not even guess what it is.

We arrived to the “Pavilion Queen’s Bay Hotel Krabi”.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Pavilion Queen’s Bay Hotel Krabi

The “Pavilion Queen’s Bay Hotel Krabi” deserves a separate article. Before I found this hotel, I looked through all the hotels in Krabi, which were presented at the, but chose on this hotel.

The room was quite large – 50 square meters! I can not say that the hotel was clean and new. At first time, the room didn’t impress me, but after I realized all the charm of this hotel.

The room had a huge bed in traditional Thai style. The bathroom was large and comfortable. The bathroom was a bathroom and a shower. For two – it was very comfortable.

There were bathrobes and slippers in the room (very good, considering the room rate).

But the most interesting place in the room was a balcony! The balcony has been just the sheer size 12-14 square meters. There were huge teeterboard on the balcony. You could really sleep on these teeterboard, if you take off the mattress from the extra bed.

Overall, my first impressions of the room were not the best, but the balcony impressed me.

Afterwards, I was very like this hotel. An ancient Thai architecture, a small, but very suite pool, the balcony, where I enjoyed spending the evening looking at the stars. The feeling of peace and tranquility did not leave me in all the time I spent in The Pavilion Queen’s Bay Hotel Krabi.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Ao Nang Beach

We changed clothes and decided to go to the beach. A man near the reception politely gave us towels. At first I did not understand why we needed towels, but I soon began to understand that.

We headed in the direction of Ao Nang. The road to the Ao Nang beach was very beautiful. Along the way there were many hotels with a similar architecture, further down the road there was a market and after visiting the market we immediately came to the Ao Nang seafront.

The Ao Nang seafront was just amazing. Located along the entire seafront the cafes, the restaurants and the shops, the views were just amazing. People on the beach were lying on towels and there were no sun beds at all.

Ao Nang beach landscape

Solo travel to Thailand: Ao Nang beach landscape

Long tail boats on the Ao Nang Beach

Solo travel to Thailand: Long tail boats on the Ao Nang Beach

Photo of the Ao Nang Beach Landscape

Solo travel to Thailand: Photo of the Ao Nang Beach Landscape


People on the Ao Nang Beach, Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: People on the Ao Nang Beach, Krabi province, Thailand

It was something amazing – the real Resort! It was not dirty and stinky Pattaya, with crowds of people on the streets, chaotic traffic and garbage that flowed directly into the street. No – it was a full-fledged European resort in a tropical paradise!

We swam in the Andaman Sea and decided to have a dinner.

Even the waiter at the cafe spoke English! The Ao Nang was the another Thailand.

We had dinner in a romantic cafe and went to the hotel. Along the way I visited the Thai massage, which was located in a nearby hotel.

I’m still a bit tired after the road so fast asleep.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Thai food

After we woke up, the first thing we wanted it just to eat. I didn’t book even a breakfast at the hotel. So we went to the Ao Nang Beach seafront in search of some food.

I was already impressed in Pattaya by fresh juice from an orange or pineapple for only 30 Baht ($ 1). What do we expect in Krabi?

The situation with food in Krabi was even better. You can eat directly on the street. Why do you need the cafes or the restaurants, if you can eat on the street?

You can buy fresh fruit from the simple pineapples to the most exotic local fruits directly on the street. You can also be bought fresh juices (We especially liked the watermelon cocktail with ice. The cocktail very rescued from the heat). I loved the Thai beer “the Tiger”. For the beer, then this sells a special container made of foam rubber – it saved the beer from warming in the sun (Why not come this simple idea to the head for the people in other countries?). As well, you could buy rice with chicken.

But in spite of all this diversity, I liked to buy food at 7 Eleven. I always ate delicious hot dogs and beer bought Tiger in “7 Eleven” shop. But most of all I liked the dish under the brand name “Ezy Choice”. It was chicken or pork with rice with a very tasty sauce! I do not know how the Thais made their sauce, but the taste of just over $ 1 sauce was just gorgeous.

Among other things in Thailand sold a lot of different power engineers, but without gas.

But the most delicious food in Thailand – it’s the food that is delivered directly to the island (but more on that later).

Solo travel to Thailand: The Railay beach

I liked it last night on the beach of Ao Nang, but I knew that the Krabi province has prepared for me many more surprises.

Therefore, the first place I decided to visit, was the Railay beach that I saw on the pictures on the internet.

The tickets to the Railay Beach, you can buy at the special place, which is located on the seafront.

The Long Tail Boats in the Krabi Province

You can’t find a ferry in Krabi. To get to the island you need to buy tickets to the private Speed ​​boat or to the Long Tail Boat.

«Long tail boat» are already exotic itself. The boat trip cost 300 Baht ($ 10). The problem is that the Krabi province – is the only Muslim province in Thailand. Muslim people from Malaysia designed and delivered «Long Tail Boats» to the Krabi province. Which is why they “got their hands on” the entire water and land transport in Krabi.

Long tail boat Landscape

Solo travel to Thailand: Long tail boat Landscape

The Cliff

Solo travel to Thailand: The Cliff

Another Cliff

Solo travel to Thailand: Another Cliff

The Rock in Ao Nang province, Krabi, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: The Rock in Ao Nang province, Krabi, Thailand

Beach landscape from the long tail boat

Solo travel to Thailand: Beach landscape from the long tail boat

So, we went to Railay beach on the “Long Tail Boat”. The road was just amazing (though not a long, about 10-15 minutes). Surrounded by the cliffs, the water was clear, and you could be seen in the distance the private hotels surrounded by the Cliffs. Reaching the hotel you can only by water, so often you can see the tourists, who were dragging their bags on the sand.

Railay Beach and the Cliff

The Railay Beach impressed me! It was a beautiful bay with huge cliffs on either side. On the one side was a small entrance to the water, the depth of the other hand. But the water was not yet pure crystal!

At noon, I was not myself. The sun was so strong that it was unbearably hot! Later I learned that the Krabi province is located in the equatorial zone.

The weather was fantastic: A strong sun beat down my skin, the water was very warm. We were constantly in the shadow or into the water.

At the 13:00 am was just unbearably hot and we hid in the shadows. But I don’t give rest to one idea all the time. On the way to Railay Beach, we saw a small bay, which was separated from the Railay Beach by the Cliff.

the Railay Beach landscape, Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: the Railay Beach landscape, Krabi province, Thailand

the boat, parked on the Railay Beach, Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: the boat, parked on the Railay Beach, Krabi province, Thailand

We hid in the shade next to a rock, and I saw that people come down from the cliff.

I asked the question – “How difficult to move through the cliff.” I heard the answer – “A moving through the cliff – that’s half the problem. The road back is much more difficult!”

But we still decided to move through the cliff. My girl had a bag in which lay the heavy towels, the camera and the iPad. But I decided to try to make the adventure!

The cliff landscape

The cliff landscape

The cliff

The cliff

The Rock

The Rock

Another beach Landscape in Railay beach, Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: Another beach Landscape in Railay beach, Krabi province, Thailand

The rise has been very difficult, and even more difficult descent. At the end of the road we came to a place where we had to either jump off a cliff or down into the cave. We went down into the cave. It seemed that the cave had no way out. But we still took a chance and went down below.

In the end, we still got to the mysterious beach. The mysterious beach belonged to the hotel in which climbers come from all over the world. We met with 2 young Russian guys who climbed on the rocks.

We went back, a little dip in the sea and taking a few photos on the iPad. The return trip was even more difficult. In total, on the road from one beach to another and back again, we spent a half hour.

During the day, we are very tired and went back to the hotel to sleep.

I lay down on the huge teeterboard at the balcony, looked at the stars through binoculars, drank some “Tiger beer” and went to sleep.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Pgra Nang beach

The next day we visited the Phra Nang Beach. The Phra nang beach has surprised me even more. A huge rock sticking out of the sea. The water was almost crystal clear, people on the beach was still less than on Railay Beach.

The most important feature of the Phra Nang Beach was a huge rock, where located two caves inside. The first cave – a cave of phalluses. I was not much impressed, so I did not even do any photography. If you’re interesting about this cave – you can find this information in Wikipedia.

The second cave was just magical. The fact that this cave was opened for review only at low tide. The view, which opened inside the cave are impossible to describe.

I would say this: I think that this is where life began on earth.

Long tail boats comes with food

Long tail boats comes with food

The giant rock on the Phra Nang Beach in Krabi Province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: The giant rock on the Phra Nang Beach in Krabi Province, Thailand

Judge for yourself. It’s warm, there’s a place to hide from the heat in the shade, is where to stay overnight, there is a food in the form of fish, and the most important thing here is fresh water! Spring water was flowing directly into the sea from a cliff!

I am very sorry that I did not have a good camera for the trip. All photos were taken by a camera whose quality is worse than the iPhone’s camera. But even in these shots you can see how beautiful this place was!

We took some photos inside the cave and decided to eat.

On the Phra Nang Beach, unlike the Railay Beach, the boats are constantly coming with food. On this beach there were no restaurants and cafes, except for those who were inside the hotel.

But the restaurants and cafes were not needed. Wonderful food and drinks were brought to the beach right on the “Long Tail Boats”.

Also thai girls offering massages on the beach. I used the services of one of these masseuses.

I had problems with my back, so I needed a massage. On the way back we were in a boat with this masseuse and she told me about a very cheap and good quality massage salon.

Solo travel to Thailand: Thai massage

I had a serious problems with my back – low back pain. The manually therapy services at home were very expensive. Thai massage costing me 200 (~ $ 7) Baht per session.

I want to say that very old school of oriental medicine is working in Thailand. And this oriental medicine really works!

I have had very serious problems with my back. Many times I could not get out of bed because of the crushing vertebrae. But thai massage helped me!

I spent 1 massage session in Pattaya. In Pattaya, the massager made a very hard massage to me. But that was exactly what I needed.

In the province of Krabi, as I understood coming over the aristocratic audience, so masseuses make a soft massage here. I visited a Thai massage every day, but I could not explain to the masseuses, that I need professional help. The girls smiled politely and continued to softly touch my body.

I found a very good professional in the salon, which i discussed with masseuse from the Phra Nang Beach. But the masseuse did not understand what I need, because of the language barrier.

Looking ahead, I will say that at once, during a session of Thai massage, the girlfriend who knew English came to my masseuse and I was able to explain to both of them that I need professional help.

The girl is very upset because she knew how to help me. I literally did not have the 2-day stay in Thailand.

Despite this, so far I have not had such serious problems with my back!

Solo travel to Thailand: Shopping in the Krabi Province

Every night, after we went to the beach, we visit Ao Nang seafront. I was visiting a Thai massage and my girlfriend is heading out shopping.

You can buy a lot of things in Thailand. First of all – it’s handmade bijouterie: Bracelets, earrings, rings, beads and necklaces of excellent quality. You can also buy a lot of gadgets, ranging from Chinese laser pointers and finishing with throwing knives and masks for snorkeling.

I think the most interest Krabi province is due to its pearl farms.

Shopping, no comments )))

Solo travel to Thailand: Shopping, no comments )))

Pearls in Krabi you can buy cheap enough. Of course you will not find a label “Bvlgari” on the pearls, but the size of pearls and the quality is very impressive.

So, the girls can buy summer no name dresses, and the men can buy beautiful shorts and swimming trunks. The quality of real leaves much to be desired, it certainly does not compare to Sri Lankan shopping (Link to article), but you can find a very good thing for the “funny” money.

For example, I ordered a silk shirt for myself. Tailors were from the India, but Thai silk is considered the best in the world.

Solo travel to Thailand: Ko Poda Island, Krabi

I was very interested to visit the island, which I had seen from the coast on Ao Nang Beach.

So, the next day we decided to visit the Poda Island.

It took for us a little more time and the fare was a little more expensive, but believe me – it was worth it!

The first thing that surprised me when visiting the Poda Island – it’s crystal clear water! Yes, it is the very paradise that expected from Thailand on this island (But wait, the fun is yet to come).

The water in the Andaman Sea is significantly different from the water in the Gulf of Thailand, and on the islands, it is simply delicious.

The Ko Poda Island was our favorite place in the Krabi province. It was a fabulous island. The island was a little dirty Inside, but it did not spoil the experience of relaxing on the beach.

The beaches on the Ko Poda Island were simply magnificent. White sand, crystal clear water – just like in the paradise.

We found a secluded bay and spent time there together on the Ko Poda Island. Yes, indeed, if you walk along the beach of the island to the very end, you can find a place where are no people.

We arrived at our favorite place during high tide, throwing things on the rocks and spent the whole day in the water. And at low tide, the water opened the white sandy beach where you can sunbathe and relax.

We were together in the paradise on the “uninhabited” island.

There was a small hotel on the island, consisting of several bungalows, but we had not so difficult road from the hotel to the island to stay in these bungalows. In addition, it is best to be on the continent, with its infrastructure, and go to rest on the island.

In general, we spent on the Poda Island most of the time.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Phi Phi Islands

The next day we bought a tour to the Phi Phi Islands. I wanted to look at the very place where the movie “The beach” was made. This place is called “Maya Bay” and it’s located on the Ko Phi Phi Lee island.

The tour lasted the whole day. Early in the morning we start from the Ao Nang seafront towards the islands of Phi Phi.

We have gone on the speedboat to The Phi Phi islands. The Speed ​​Boat was completely filled with tourists, there was no free place.

Along the way, we had a stop at the Bamboo Island. To be honest – this was the island I like the most. The water on the island was even cleaner than on the Poda Island, garbage was not here, and the sand was really white as a flour. Unfortunately the island was uninhabited and it was away from Ao Nang, so spend a time to visit it every day, we would not be able in any way.

After a short stop at the Bamboo Island, we sailed on the Ko Phi Phi Don. Ko Phi Phi Don is very popular with many independent travelers. I also loved this island, but there were a lot of tourists and the prices were very high. Therefore, if I make comparisons Ko Phi Phi Don and Ao Nang, I’ll opt for Ao Nang.

On the Ko Phi Phi Don Island, we rested and ate. The food was just delicious – it was a kind of Thai “buffet”.

After dinner, we went directly to the Ko Phi Phi Lee (Lay) to finally see the legendary “Maya Bay”.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Maya bay

Maya Bay – it is a truly magnificent bay, surrounded by cliffs on all sides. There was just the crystal water and white sand like flour in a Maya Bay. I was very impressed with this place, but there was one big problem in the Maya Bay.

In one small paradise bay were so many people that “you can’t find any place where apple can fall.”

Solo travel to Thailand: A lot of people on Maya Bay, the Phi Phi Lee Island in Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: A lot of people on Maya Bay, the Phi Phi Lee Island in Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: 1000's of people on Maya Bay, the Phi Phi Lee Island in Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: 1000’s of people on Maya Bay, the Phi Phi Lee Island in Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: Millions of fish, the Phi Phi Island in Krabi province, Thailand

Solo travel to Thailand: Millions of fish, the Phi Phi Island in Krabi province, Thailand

If we imagine that I would find this bay with my friends and no one knew about it, I would be happy as Leonardo DI Caprio in the movie “The Beach”. If you take away all the people out of the Bay, the “Maya Bay” would be really the best place on earth (So now I understand why so many wealthy people are so fond of French Polynesia – they do not pay money for luxury hotels, but for the lack of the people. They just do not want to share this paradise with anyone. Well, except for a few neighbors in the 10-15 bungalows, which are just as willing to pay for it).

In Maya Bay was really everything is fine apart from the crowd, a huge crowd of people. It was practically impossible to take a photo. Someone was always in the background, . Perhaps the problem was that we were vacationing in Thailand during the Thai New Year, but the people were very much.

So, I still have a dual experience of visiting Maya Bays. On the one hand, I was in the paradise, on the other – too many people stop me from enjoying the fabulous bay (something that’s already reminded me. Please, read my article The Real Truth about Maldives Capital).

On the way back we had a snorkeling. I can tell immediately that the Andaman Sea is no worse than the Red Sea. Snorkeling in the Thailand in many ways better than snorkelling in the Egypt.

I was pleased with the variety of the underwater world of Thailand.

Solo travel to Thailand: The Paradise found – The Chicken Island

I can’t describe my impressions of Krabi province. All the best places in Thailand are found in this region. But I still like to find the paradise. And I found this paradise.

The next day we decided to visit the island with a fancy name the Chicken Island. The island is really a profile resembled chicken, more chicken leg or head of a chicken, but the important thing was not the case!

In fact, the Chicken Island – is not only one island, but a group of 3 islands near the Poda Island.

The intrigue of these islands lies in the fact that at low tide between the three islands formed two sandy spit. You can go from island to island right over the water, and later on the sand – this is a real miracle!

The water in this place is incredibly crystal clear and the sand is amazingly white. What is surprising – you’re in the middle of the ocean, the water around you and you are surrounded on all sides by islands and rocks! That’s what I understand – the paradise!

We arrived at Chicken Island during high tide. At that time it was still possible to swim in the clear water. Once the tide, people who were on the Chicken Island began to slowly walk on the water to the other islands, and after they move to the third island. This process looked really like a miracle, people walked on water in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The spectacle reminiscent of the biblical story!

After we moved to the neighboring island, the water fully receded and we were back on the sand.

But in spite of this miracle in the last 2 days, we still again visited the Phra Nang Beach and the Poda Island, where we could be alone, enjoying views of the nearby Chicken Island.

Solo travel to Thailand: Conclusion

I can hardly believe that if you book a tour with a travel agency, you will be able to experience so many impressions. In addition, I have saved a lot of time and money. As I did it? You can read the articles published on my blog.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my story.

As lessons I can say the following. If you want to go to paradise, do not limit your imagination by travel packages. If you use the services of agencies, please tell your agent where you want to go and what places you want to visit – let the agency will provide you with a combined tour.

You should not only come to Pattaya or Phuket. You can spoil your impression of Thailand. I personally have not visited Samui, but I’m sure that you will like this island too.

Phuket is better than Pattaya, as it is a much easier way to get to Phi Phi Island and the Krabi Province from Phuket.

Do not waste time going to the show of transvestites and silly entertainment in Pattaya. Thailand – this is a country where there is always where to go.
On my next trip to Thailand, I plan to visit the Ko Samui Island, the Samet Island, the Similan islands.

If you have already been to these places, I invite you to guest post.

And the main conclusion that I did – a paradise can be found! You just need to look. Thailand is ideal for this purpose search.

Of course, there are French Polynesia, Fiji, the Philippines, Seychelles and many other wonderful countries and islands, but Thailand – this is the same country where you can try your hand as an independent or solo traveler!

Good luck and all the best!