Las Lajas Cathedral – The Colombian Miracle

Las Lajas Cathedral Colombia

Las Lajas Cathedral Colombia. Photo by Ollie Harridge

Las Lajas Cathedral – This temple built on the bridge as if hanging over the abyss between the steep slopes of the picturesque canyon Guaitara.

The structure of the cathedral is similar to a fairytale castle – known to the world the Las Lajas Catholic Church (Spanish: El Santuario de la Virgen Del Rosario de Las Lajas en Ipiales), glorified the Colombian city of Ipiales, a few kilometers from where it is located. Unusual church looks so tenuous that it seems to set foot on the rickety bridge, and shaky vision dissolved at the same moment as a deceptive mirage.

Las Lajas Cathedral

This construction withstands the steps of the countless army of pilgrims arriving here all the year round to look at the evidence of one of the most mysterious in the stories of miracles, where you can come into contact with the unknown, to believe in the unseen and get rid of unhappiness. And so began an amazing story.

Las Lajas Cathedral Legend

Back in 1754 a poor Indian woman, Maria de quinone Mueses with his little deaf-mute daughter (Rosa), which she carried on her shoulders, wandered far from the place where today rises to the clouds Las Lajas Cathedral, accidentally came across the narrow cave. The locals have long been avoided by her side.

Las Lajas Cathedral Architecture, Colombia

Las Lajas Cathedral Architecture, Colombia. Photo by Ollie Harridge

A sudden downpour forced the woman with the child to seek shelter inside the cave, where they had been apparition of the Virgin Mary, who returned the ability to hear and speak, to the child.

Some time later, the picture of the Virgin with the Child in her arms appeared on the stone arches of the cave. The thousands of people come to find healing and regain health to this “wonderful face”. In 1794, a small chapel was built near the cave, where many pilgrims carrying candles and flowers to the Virgin Mary. The people said, that this chapel was built with funds raised by blind vagrant named Juan Fry. They also say that when he laid a last brick, his eyesight was restored immediately.

Inside Las Lajas Cathedral , Colombia

Inside Las Lajas Cathedral , Colombia. Photo by Ollie Harridge

Nobody knows the truth of this story. But it is known, that after a few years, there was erected the first, a second, followed by a third  temple – but all of them together, have been unable to accommodate the hordes of suffering comes to the holy place of deliverance of ailments.

By the beginning of 1916 it was decided to build the fourth cathedral on the donations. This Cathedral was most similar to the neo-Gothic castle.

Inside Las Lajas Cathedral , Colombia Enterance

Las Lajas Cathedral, Colombia Enterance. Photo by Ollie Harridge

At the same time, the idea to combine the two opposite sides of a deep canyon by throwing between the sides 30-meter arch bridge, which was to come to the new temple.

Construction of the Cathedral-Castle was completed in August 1948. The miraculous icon, which arose in stone, and now returns to people desperate to get rid of ailments, how long ago did the Mother of God, incarnate his face unhappy woman.

Scientific opinion about the icons in the Las Lajas Cathedral

The scientists, who thoroughly investigating the mysterious image, have discouraging conclusion. They didn’t find any known to mankind pigments or dyes in this picture. The scientists made a conclusion that the “wonderful face” emerged on the rock naturally.

During the existence of this icon, it has never been refurbishing, but today looks surprisingly bright and saturated – as if the paint soaked rock on meter depth.