The Most Amazing Cave Resort "Kagga Kamma"

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Caves exterior

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Caves exterior

Kagga Kamma – it is a unique cave resort located in the heart of the wilderness area close to the Mountains Tsederberg. Kagga Kamma is a three hour drive from Cape Town in South Africa. Built on the background of rocks in the caves in the form of terraces, this apartment practically merges with nature, making them the most incredible romantic place of the Western Cape.

Kagga Kamma – is a private game reserve in South Africa, which is a spiritual place, filled with serenity, spectacular rock formations, bushman, majestic mountains and breathtaking scenery. This unique cave resort in the lap of nature can take a maximum of 80 guests.

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Outcorp Room

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Outcorp Room

Kagga Kamma is known for great diversity of wildlife and its scenic beauty, spring flowers and rich cultural heritage. The reserve is located in the pristine wilderness, surrounded by dramatic rock formations, has a rich cultural heritage and the unique safari in South Africa.

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Hut Exterior

Kagga Kamma: Hut Exterior

The guests can escape from the city with its noise and voltage for peace and tranquility. Away from mobile phones, smog and transport, highways and city lights you will breathe clean air and enjoy the peace and starry skies.

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Reception

Kagga Kamma: Reception

Accommodation in a luxury lodges nestled between the incredible sandstone formations and resembles a cave, will allow you to experience the ultimate in comfort, if this is not losing the feeling of oneness with nature.

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Caves Exterior

Kagga Kamma: Caves Exterior

Under the open air, there is a restaurant, which visitors can enjoy a sumptuous South African cuisine and excellent wine selection.

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma Photo Gallery

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Room Interior

Kagga Kamma: Room Interior

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Room Interior 2

Kagga Kamma: Room Interior 2

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma: Boma

Kagga Kamma: Boma

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma:  Bar & Lounge

Bar & Lounge

Kagga Kamma Rock Art

Kagga Kamma Rock Art

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