Miniature Paris City Model At The Backyard

Miniature Paris City Model

Miniature Paris City Model

Miniature Paris City Model – Gerard Brion, a resident of the Vaissac village in the south of France has created a miniature model of Paris. Gerard has created this city out of the garbage.

Miniature Paris Model Equipment

Miniature Paris City Model 1

Miniature Paris City Model 1

In the course he used jars of baby food and all sorts of old boxes – in general, all that things, which seemed to have no one come in handy. Not all the materials were extracted from the waste bin. He needed to buy some of specific things, such as: paint for roofs, metal elements of the Eiffel Tower and some other elements to create the buildings.

Miniature Paris Model History

In this case, however, it was not only handy, but also turned into a work of art. To create this unusual Paris miniature, Gerard has spent as much as 15 years. Now, this miniature replica of the French capital is very popular among the tourists.

Miniature Paris City Model 2

Miniature Paris City Model 2

15 years ago, Gerard Brion took up the construction of the city in miniature. Today this park has visited 150,000 tourists a year. This miniature park represents more than 40 monuments of Paris!

Miniature Paris City Model 3

Miniature Paris City Model 3

Here you will find the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, the Montmartre and, of course,  the Eiffel Tower in 1:130 scale. 400 dwarf trees were planted to equip this park.

Paris City Model Photo Gallery:

Miniature-Paris-City-Model-4 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-5 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-6 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-7 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-8 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-9 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-10 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-11 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-12 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-13 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-14 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-15 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-16 Miniature-Paris-City-Model-17
Gerard Brion official blog

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