Desert Oasis – The Miracle of the Desert

Badanjirin desert oasis, China

Badanjirin desert oasis, China. Photo by ingeun Nam

The desert oasis – it is a small area of vegetation in the desert, usually around the water source. Desert oases are saving habitat for animals and even humans if the area is big enough.

Desert oasis description

Desert oasis location is very important for trade and transportation routes in desert areas. There are caravans, replenishing their supplies of food and water.

Desert Oasis is formed from underground rivers or aquifers such as an artesian aquifer. The water here can reach the surface due to the pressure, or the people can do a special draw-well.

The people, who live near the Desert oasis should monitor the use of water to irrigate the land should be proper, in order to then here will grow figs, olives, and apricots. Date palms grow best here. Today, we’ll explore the most beautiful desert oases in the world …

Desert oases

Huacachina Desert Oasis, Peru

Huacachina Desert Oasis, Peru. Photo by Manuel Diaz

Huacachina Desert Oasis

Huacachina – is a small oasis in south-central Peru, located a few kilometers west of the city of Ica. Huacachina oasis is home to at least 200 people.

This oasis was built around a small natural lake, surrounded by huge sand dunes. Along the banks of a large lake thriving vegetation, including palm trees, and spread a little holiday resort.

Huacachina desert oasis is a popular holiday destination among residents of the nearby city of Ica, as well as a popular destination for tourists who use the sand dunes surrounding the oasis as an attraction – rides on the sand on a snowboard (Sendbording) and riding the dunes on light jeeps – Buggy.

Um Al Maa Desert Oasis

Um Al Maa Desert Oasis, Lybia. Photo by Victoria Rogotneva

Umm Al Maa Desert Oasis

Umm Al Maa – it means “Mother of Waters” is one of the largest lakes located in an oasis. It is located within the sand dunes by the Ubari Sand Sea, hidden in the Libyan part of the Sahara. Nearby are 16 other lakes. Some of them disappear from time to time, but some are constantly in the desert.

Crescent Lake Desert Oasis (Gansu, China)

Crescent Lake Desert Oasis (Gansu, China). Photo by Luca Febbraio

Crescent Lake Desert Oasis (Gansu, China)

The Crescent Lake Oasis – is a magnificent piece of spring, located near the lake in the shape of a crescent in the Gobi desert about 6 kilometers south of the Dunhuang city in China.

This lake resembles to Someone the eye of beautiful women, some can see a slice of sweet melon – no one remains indifferent to the beauty of this wonder of nature. Unique wind rose and groundwater formed it in this place and do not give disappear for millennia.


Chebika Desert Oasis, Tunisia

Chebika Desert Oasis, Tunisia. Photo by Maria Balakshina

Chebika Desert Oasis (Tunisia)

Chebika is a mountain oasis in the south of Tunisia, in the province of Gafsa. Oasis lies at the foot of Jebel El Negub and, due to its exposure to the sun, it is known as Qasr El-Shams (“Castle of the Sun” in Arabic).

The modern Chebika village has only about 100 people and was built near the village, which in 1969 after a disastrous flood was destroyed. In the old town Shebika now only ruins. Buildings made ​​of clay and bricks, which shows the typical architecture of the Sahara, now abandoned.

Lagoa Bonita Desert Oasis, Brazil

Lagoa Bonita Desert Oasis, Brazil. Photo by Peter BABILOTTE

Lagoa Bonita Desert Oasis in Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, in Maranhão State, is one of Brazil’s top natural attractions. It is an ecosystem formed of white sand dunes which cover 383,000 acres and look like bed sheets (lençóis in Portuguese) spread out on the Northeastern coast.