Interesting Facts About Italy

Interesting Facts About Italy

Interesting Facts About Italy. Photo by dog4aday

Interesting facts about Italy – Italy is a one of the most popular countries for vacations. On the remains of the ancient culture of the great empire formed a new culture that is as interesting and important.

The Italians we know a lot, thanks to the fact that many of our friends for many years living and working in Italy, bringing with them not only gifts, but also a lot of stories about the customs and way of life of this country.

Here are some more interesting facts about Italy that you may enjoy:

1. Italy for centuries had been split into many small kingdoms and city-states. On its territory there were a large number of dialects, descended from Vulgar Latin. In the early 14th century Florentine Dante Alighieri wrote the famous “Divine Comedy”, which was read in all of Italy. This work has become one of the main reasons, that the native Tuscan dialect of Dante was the basis of the literary Italian.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Venice Landscape

Interesting Facts About Italy: Venice Landscape. Photo by gnuckx

2. The Adriatic Sea was named after the Italian city of Adria, which, however, is not located on its coast and 22 kilometers away. In the 6th century BC, this city really was a major port, but gradually became Adriatic Sea to retreat from it to the east as the situation of the PO Delta. For a while Adria remained dug channels through the port, but due to the invasions of the barbarians, and a major flood finally lost its relevance.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Italian Restaurant

Interesting Facts About Italy: Italian Restaurant. Photo by Randy OHC

3. The best restaurants often do not have the signboards. You can get there only by the recommendation.

4. When you are shopping it is necessary to take a check. You can delay the financial police with a package from a store or a pie in hand with the question of where you bought it and slapped a heavy fine in the absence of a check.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Italian Car Lamborghini Aventador

Interesting Facts About Italy: Italian Car Lamborghini Aventador. Photo by Benoit cars

5. Lamborghini was previously known as the company that manufactures tractors. And with a fright they began to make luxury cars?

Interesting Facts About Italy: Castle in San Marino

Interesting Facts About Italy: Castle in San Marino. Photo by fdecomite

6. There are two enclaves in Italy: San Marino and Vatican City.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Vatican

Interesting Facts About Italy: Vatican. Photo by malouette

7. Coffee does not grow in Italy, but the espresso was invented by the Italians. In 1901, Luigi Betstsera patented the first espresso machine. This machine, which he created to reduce coffee breaks of the workers. Espresso means “quickly, soon.”

8. When Michelangelo finished his first “Pieta” and put it in the Cathedral of St. Peter, to the author’s heard rumors that gossip assigns the work to another sculptor – Cristoforo Solari. Then Michelangelo carved on the belt of the Virgin Mary: “It’s made ​​a Florentine Michelangelo Buonarroti.” He later regretted the outbreak of pride and never signed his sculptures.

9. Italians are passionate music fans. They are crazy about singing and love to do it almost anywhere, even in the bathroom.

10. The Milan Conservatory is named in honor of Giuseppe Verdi, although in 1833 this conservatory denied him admission. The young Verdi was told that he is 4 years older than the usual age taken, that he is not a citizen of the Lombardo-Venetian kingdom, and that he is deprived of the musical talent.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Interesting Facts About Italy: Leaning Tower of Pisa. Photo by Pål Nordseth

11. Leaning Tower of Pisa, which until restoration work in the late 20th century was deflected from the vertical by 5,5 °, and after them – by 4 °, is not a very “incident” tower in the world. Today, a record with the index 12 ° has a 10-meter tower in the China Suizhong county.

12. The Italians are very attached to the family. All the near and distant relatives are respected so that if one person occupies an important position, it is doing its best to put in the same company of their relatives. A lot of private companies in Italy consist only of family members, especially pronounced in the area of ​​small business shops, dry cleaners, hair salons. Just like in the famous Mafia.

13. One of the most renowned polyglots in the history who lived in 18-19 century was Italian cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti fluent in 39 languages​​, almost as much could understand, but never left the confines of Italy. Once he learned the new language in one night just to take in the morning confession from foreign criminals, sentenced to death.

14. In Italy, there are almost all climatic zones, but the most extreme.

15. The main meal in the evening in the form of a dense family dinner.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Timi Ama, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy

Interesting Facts About Italy: Timi Ama, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy. Photo by Marco Molino

16. Strong drink Italians hardly use. Basic drinks – water or wine. Sometimes beer.

17. 60% of the world’s cultural heritage are in Italy.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Florence Night Landscape

Interesting Facts About Italy: Florence Night Landscape. Photo by kmaschke

18. Florence – is a city in Tuscany with the largest pedestrian area in the world.

19. Olive oil should be bought from the peasants in the countryside. Buy it in the supermarket is considered bad form in most regions. To a lesser extent this applies to wine.

Interesting Facts About Italy: Florence in the Day Lights

Interesting Facts About Italy: Florence in the Day Lights. Photo by Allan Harris

20.  No country in the world has so many patron saints. In Italy, there is even a patron of the cemetery watchman! This Pope Calixtus I. The patron saint of the whole of Italy is Giovanni Bernardone, which we know under the name of Francis of Assisi.

22. In Italy, the number 17 is considered unlucky (as we have 13).

23. Italians simply can’t live without football. Women and children are no exception. Championship or Cup matches are expected from earlier. On all channels all day long discussion shows past and projected future matches.

24. Italians are very superstitious. The country officially registered about 150,000 magicians, whose services are used by over 16 million people.