Interesting facts about Mexico

Interesting Facts About Mexico. Mexico City

Interesting Facts About Mexico. Mexico City. Photo by Kasper Christensen

Interesting Facts About Mexico

Interesting facts about Mexico: Food & Drink

1. Burritos and tacos – it is a national and very popular food here, based on tortillas made ​​from corn, wheat flour, and even cactus. The second component – the meat, chicken or vegetables and beans or beans sure, it’s all fueled spicy chili sauce.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Cuisine - Homemade flour tortillas and corn tortilla chips, Spanish rice, stir-fried vegetables, fried potatoes, salsa, and guacamole

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Cuisine – Homemade flour tortillas and corn tortilla chips, Spanish rice, stir-fried vegetables, fried potatoes, salsa, and guacamole. Photo by Denise Krebs

2. Freshly squeezed juices and a variety of soft drinks, which are sold on every street corner are very cheap, but beware – Mexicans can put their ice or dilute with water of unknown origin

3. Fruit on the streets selling an already peeled and cut form in cellophane bags. Before selling their offer sprinkle chili powder and sugar – for fans it hot!

4. Homemade ice cream, which can be found on the streets, sold without packaging, and what seems to be chocolate chip could be chilly. Even buying ice cream to clarify – “no spice please” =)

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Drink - Tequila

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Drink – Tequila. Photo by Mr. T in DC

5. Tequila (the full name of Santiago de Tequila) – is the name of a Mexican city, which is the main production of the eponymous drink.

6. Blue agave it’s the plant used to make tequila, contrary to popular belief that it is made from cactus. Blue Agave belongs to the family, asparagus and looks like a small bush with thorns, and probably therefore appeared stereotype of the cacti.

7. “Tekilero” – it is an expert on tequila.

8. Popular local sweets of candy apples and other fruit – in the form of toffee in the form of cubes, candied coconut in Lyme sweet chili with beans in the shape of “chuchhely“.

9. Corn is generally a versatile product – it is eaten raw, boiled and grilled flat bread made ​​out of it, soup, yogurt and even ice cream with chunks of corn maize.

10. The meat in the villages is often sold without refrigeration – despite the heat, the meat just hanging on the hook.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Caribbean Sea & the Beaches

11. The sand on the Caribbean coast of coral origin. The sand is very fine, white, and almost no heat. In the 40 degree heat on it can be quite easy to walk barefoot.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Tulum Beach, Caribbean Coast

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Tulum Beach, Caribbean Coast. Photo by Thomas Schlosser

12. The water in the Caribbean is very warm, about 25-28 degrees the year round.

13. Underwater Museum with four hundred sculptures, located at a depth of 2 to 10 meters is located near Cancun. He probably will like divers who are bored with tropical fish and coral reefs.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: "Museo Subaquatica" - Underwater museum in Cancun

Interesting Facts About Mexico: “Museo Subaquatica” – Underwater museum in Cancun. Photo by Margarita Cabrera

14. The beaches of Cancun and Tulum are among the ten best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor version.

15. Mexico is a birthplace of world wide famous gemstones such as: Opal, Topaz, Quartz, Amethyst, Jade, Turquoise

16. The Cenotes – are natural wells or small lakes, which the Mayans used as sources of water and places for sacrifices, this, for sure, appeal to lovers of snorkeling.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Cenotes in the province of Yucatan in Mexico

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Cenotes in the province of Yucatan in Mexico. Photo by Mr. Theklan

Most of the cenotes are located in the caves with a lot of bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. The water there is crystal clear and pleasantly cool, well-suited for a break from the heat outside.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Transport

16. Official taxis in Mexico City on glass hanging necessarily state license with a photo driver. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to check the photo to those sitting behind the wheel.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Taxco

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Taxco. Photo by Laurent Espitallier

17. Taxis in Mexico varies by class of security. Safer than – the more expensive, but generally it’s pretty cheap. For 3-4-person most profitable to take a taxi than to go by public transport.

18. Each metro station has a picture sign, in addition to the name – it is made specifically for those who can’t read

19. Parking for bicycles is at some metro stations – many people run to the station by bike, hang it on a special rail in the lobby in front of the turnstiles and then ride the subway.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Bicycle taxi

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Bicycle taxi. Photo by Russ

20. A lot of traders can be found in the capital’s subway – how to decompose the goods in transit, and moving through the cars. Funny howling voices, like the priest of the church singing psalms, they offer to buy a variety of goods – food, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc.

21. Music Disc sellers are visible, or rather hear the most. They walk to the car with a column-backpack and include disc with the hits so that you could hear them at a nearby station.

22. Free bike hire – special city program operates for tourists in Mexico. Point with the bikes are located close to many attractions.

23. Metrobus – is a special form of transport in the capital, a cross between a subway and bus. Externally it is a bus, but it consists of two parts and rides, more often, through a dedicated lane. Its entrance is through the turnstiles at the specially equipped bus stops.

24. Tricycle – is the most common form of transport in the small villages. And one wheel is located behind, and 2 – the front and have a big basket, which carry everything – from firewood to people

Interesting facts about Mexico: Local CALLS

25. The cost of a local call from a pay phone does not depend on the duration of a call. For example, unlimited landline call will cost 3 pesos (25 cents) 

Interesting facts about Mexico: Weather

26. Mexico City is located in the mountains, at an altitude of 2240 meters, so if you’re flying from coast or flat parts, be ready to put on a sweater or jacket. Warm afternoon here in the morning and in the evening is pretty cool.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Currency Exchange

27. There are many currency exchange offices in the tourist areas, but it is best to change currency at banks – the course is always better. But you currently have to have a passport.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Medical Care & Eduction

28. Medical care for the population of Mexico is free, but it is told by the locals, it is of very poor quality, so if you want normal conditions and assistance you need to go to a private clinic.

29. The education is also almost completely free of charge. For high school students provide a variety of social programs – including free food and school uniform. The universities are paying decent scholarships, but many still do not want to learn – they’re going to work.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Traditions

30. Double names – is the norm for the locals (for example, Addie Maria or Carlos Antonio). It has nothing to do with the parents just do not give birth one name but two.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican traditions - Quinceañera

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican traditions – Quinceañera. Photo by Eneas De Troya

31. Kinseanera (Quinceañera) – is one of the most important events in the life of a Mexican girl, symbolizing entry into adulthood. Kinseanera celebrated on the day of the 15th anniversary, and is usually celebrated in a big way – with a ceremony in the church, flowers, gifts, professional photo and video shooting, dancing and live music. The guests and hero of the occasion dressed in expensive clothes and jewelry to match wedding.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Cities & Villages Plan

32. The numbering of streets and houses in the cities is very interesting – the streets are called by numbers: Calle 1, Calle 2. And even runs perpendicular to the odd and the address is listed as “Calle 2, Building 56, between Calle 1 and Calle 3.” It is very convenient and allows you to quickly find the right street and the house on it, not even having to hand the card.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Facade of the Sagrario, Catedral Metropolitana, México city

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Facade of the Sagrario, Catedral Metropolitana, México city. Photo by Bomba Rosa

33. One-way traffic is organized in many cities due to the fact that most of the streets are narrow. Moreover alternates direction – such as Calle 1 in one direction, and Calle 3 – to another. Two-way traffic is on the wide streets, they are usually called Avenida – avenues.

34. Most of the smaller towns and villages are built on the same principle: the central area of ​​the square on which the cathedral collection and police building, and in the middle – park.

35. In the reed huts inhabitants live very poor villages. Often within a single hut “piece of furniture” – a hammock.

Interesting facts about Mexico: Car rental & Insurance

36. Insurance with a deductible offered by most car rental companies. To find insurance with full coverage you need to work hard.

37. The difference between “automatic” and “mechanics” when renting a car is usually not very significant – you’ll overpay just $ 12 a week.

38. A lot of cars have no license plates, but the “Technical Passport” hanging on the back window.

39. Imprinting – this ancient procedure had to be subjected to a bank card to pay for the rental car. After a few days the bank blocked the card due to the fact that she was “compromised”. It is not known whether it is connected with imprinting or simply with “vacations in Mexico”.

40. Police officers patrolling the streets, standing in the back of an SUV – a frequent occurrence in tourist towns

41. Corruption is widespread among police – any breach on the road begins to gently suggest to “solve the problem on the spot”

42. Heavy stuff, especially the pots, women is often worn on the head.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Chichen Itza - Mayan City

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Chichen Itza – Mayan City. Photo by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

43. The Mayan city of Chichen Itza, which refers to the list of “New 7 Wonders of the World” is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico is also a birthplace of Aztec’s ancient civilization.

Interesting facts about Mexico: National Specific

44. Chips, cookies and Coca-Cola – the permanent collection of products, which are in every shop in every village of the most run-down. Caption Coca-Cola is emblazoned on all stores.

45. In a large supermarket in Mexico, retailers works in gauze bandages.

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Iguana

Interesting Facts About Mexico: Mexican Iguana. Photo by Eric Lumsden

46. Iguanas are different colors and sizes are very common in villages and small towns in Mexico.

47. Mexican Groupon is very developed in large cities – often there are interesting offers, promotions lovers discounts. You can buy coupons in cafes, book a hotel room (3 nights for the price of two) will pay an “extreme tour” at a discount of 75%, a visit to a crocodile farm for 50% and Segway Tours for 30% of the tour price.