Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips. Photo by Andy Rusch

Business Travel Tips – If you are a business person, you will probably have to regularly move from one place to another. If your trip will cover your company, it is usually planning your itinerary for you to buy tickets, book hotels, make insurance and so on. But if you own your own business and are all used to decide for yourself, I suggest you read the following tips for organizing your business trips.

13 Really Helpful Business Travel Tips

1. Try to find whether there is in the country of arrival budget airline. For example, if you are planning to travel to Asia, you can use the services of AirAsia. Read more about it, I wrote in my article Plan Your Trip in Asia.

Business Travel Tips: AirAsia Budget Airlines

Business Travel Tips: AirAsia Budget Airlines. Photo by Simon_sees

2. If the date of your trip depends on your choice, I recommend to search the internet for discount tickets. Very often the airlines do discounts on a variety of directions. You can read my article How to buy Cheap Airline Tickes for more information.

Business Travel Tips: Priority Pass

Business Travel Tips: Priority Pass

3. If you are flying regular economy class, but got used to the privileges of the business class, I recommend that you use the Priority Pass plastic card. This card gives you access to thousands of business airport lounges around the world for a nominal fee. I mean, you buy a ticket in economy class, but use all the benefits of a business class. At some airports, a Priority Pass card, you can even take a shower, sleep in special sleeping places and get alcoholic beverages and food.

4. I recommend to take in your business trip three bank cards. 2 debit cards and one credit card. You can’t anticipate every situation that may occur to you during your business trip. In this case, the safe side is not superfluous! For example, you can get into a situation that I described in my article Visit Sri Lanka Part1.

5. Use the connecting flights. If you have enough time or not enough money, you can save considerably by using connecting flights. In this case, you will benefit greatly in price + you can spend a few hours in the new country for you (unless you pre-arrange a visa)

6. Use gadgets. Many advise buying paper cards. I recommend using the new technology. Take your iPad in your business travel and you do not have to worry about buying paper maps. In addition, you will always be on hand all the restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Business Travel Tips: Travel SIM Card

Business Travel Tips: Travel SIM Card

7. Use the travel SIM card. Very often, you can save money by using the so-called travel SIM card. This card allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world at low prices. In addition, you can leave all your partners, your business card, which will indicate your local phone and international phone number.

8. Use the full power of your tablet to organize your finances. Do you like Apple, Accer or Samsung? – Not important. The important thing is that almost all of the major banks have released applications for tablets. Why is it more convenient than a laptop? Very simple. All banks are very concerned about security. Often you take on the road with a special card with a code, USB flash card with the keys to the bank-customer, and so on. But, specifically for tablets banks create software with a light version of the bank customers. Thank you in advance confirm your identity by obtaining SMS, calls to your mobile, and so on, and you have your bank in your hand.

9. Choose a good guest house or apartment instead of a hotel. Very often the apartments are cheaper and look better than a hotel room. You need an example? You can read my article Miracle Suite Hotel (Pattaya) Review. I think this is a very nice apartment, but funny money. Find a guest house or apartments are not that difficult. Just visit

Business Travel Tips: International Driver's License

Business Travel Tips: International Driver’s License

10. Book an international driver’s license. Do you think that you are the proud owner of an international driver’s license? I have to disappoint you. Not all countries of the world see your driver’s license is international. You need to creep into the relevant authorities in your area to get the international driver’s license. You can also try to book an international driver’s license on the Internet. I have not personally tried it, but my friends had booked a driver’s license via the Internet. At least in Europe, there were no problems.

11. Always sign up for air flight in advance (online registration), the first ever better. Many do not know, but you can’t even approach the front desk of your airline. You can sign up for air flight, book the best places on the internet, print your tickets on your printer and pass your baggage in a special sector of the airport! That’s it! You no longer need to spend hours waiting in line for registration!

12. Business travel insurance. If you are flying on a business trip to a foreign country. You have in your bag is an expensive laptop, phone, bank card you have on hand an expensive watch – think about whether you are safe? I think the insurance – it’s the thing that good to think first. In the end, you are in business. A business – it’s money. You know what I’m saying?? ☺

Business Travel Tips: Visa Platinum Card

Business Travel Tips: Visa Platinum Card

13. Be sure to order Visa Platinum in your bank. What you do not like Visa Gold? I’ll tell you. Since we started talking about money and security, let’s continue. Imagine that your negotiations are successful, your partners will put you in a taxi, and the taxi driver was a bandit? Scary? You were in a foreign country with no money, hence no food, water, hotel … Visa Platinum gives you the opportunity to get a certain amount of cash in any country of the world. Call your bank and find out the details.

I explored a Top 10 Google on request Business Travel Tips. I got the feeling that all the articles are written using the same template. On my site I write articles by myself. If you liked my Business Travel Tips – leave comments below. All that I have written above, came in handy in my life and in my travels. Do you need proof? Check out links to articles that I point out in these 13 tips. I was very often in unusual situations, so I’m sure these tips will be useful to you.