Maya Beach Thailand

Maya Beach Thailand

Maya Beach Thailand. Photo by tinabasgen

Maya Beach Thailand – this is the beach that is in Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Lee Island in Krabi province in Thailand. Maya Bay erroneously included in the territory of the Phuket Island, although the beach and the bay are found in the province of Krabi.

In spite of this, to get to Maya beach and Maya bay as you can with Ao-Nang beach in Krabi and the island of Phuket, as the distance is about the same.

Maya Beach Thailand

Maya Bay – is a picturesque bay, which does not leave anyone indifferent for its virgin beauty. The bay itself is located inside the rocks, the water in the bay is calm and clear.

Maya Beach – is a one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Thailand, but it has one drawback. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Thailand specifically to visit the Maya Beach. During the Chinese New Year in the bay and the beach is almost impossible to find the place and it is very difficult to take a photo of a crowd of people did not get the shot.

Maya Beach Thailand: Long Tail Boats at Maya Bay

Maya Beach Thailand: Long Tail Boats at Maya Bay. Photo by Vyacheslav Argenberg

This popularity of the bay is connected with the film “The Beach” in 2000 with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. In fact, the film tells of a piece of paradise in Thailand, where the Europeans and the Americans organized a commune and did not want to tell anyone about this place. What happened in the end? Watch a movie, or better yet, visit Maya Beach in Thailand and you will see with your own eyes.

How to get to Maya Bay and visit Maya Beach in Thailand?

Maya Bay, as well as the island itself Ko Phi Phi Lee, is a national nature reserve, so there are no bungalows or hotels. On the island even not allowed to put up tents and live in them. Tourists usually stay on the neighboring Ko Phi Phi Don island.

If you are going to visit the Ko Phi Phi Lee island and every day to swim at Maya Beach in Thailand, I suggest you stay at the nearby Ko Phi Phi Don.

Maya Beach Thailand: Water & Rocks

Maya Beach Thailand: Water & Rocks. Photo by Kevin Tao

But it is possible to do otherwise. I believe that Thailand – it’s too interesting country. Therefore, tie yourself to one and the same place is not appropriate. In my view, it is advisable to book a hotel in Krabi province or Phuket Island.

What can you reach in this situation?

1. You can save significant money (hotels on Ko Phi Phi Don is not cheap);
2. You can find more interesting, but less well-known islands (Read my article My First Solo (Couple) Travel to Thailand: Pattaya VS. Krabi);
3. You can go to Maya Beach at any time whenever you want to do this, simply buy a tour to Maya Bay on Phuket or Ao-Nang beach in Krabi province.

The best time to visit Maya Beach Thailand

The best time to visit Maya Beach c November to April. In the rainy season the big waves break on the rocks of Maya Bay, so the long tail boats and the yachts do not come into the bay for security purposes.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Maya Beach, ride alone in Maya Bay, you better visit the bay early in the morning. Do you need to rent a private boat. If you travel with a big company you can rent a boat or a yacht.

Maya Beach Thailand: Private Speed Boats in Maya Bay, near the Maya Beach Thailand

Maya Beach Thailand: Private Speed Boats in Maya Bay, near the Maya Beach Thailand. Photo by Michael Spencer

I think the only private visit to the bay in the morning will be able for you to make good pictures and swim in the crystal clear water.

The cost of visiting Maya Bay and Maya Beach in Thailand

The cost of the boat to rent for 3 hours – is 1000 Baht, full-time – 2000 Baht (no more than 4 people). The cost of the boat for half of the day – 3500 Baht for a full day – 6,000 Baht (max 6 people).

Guided tours usually include not only visit Maya Bay, but other islands of Phi Phi and cost from 500 Baht to 1,000 Baht.

From Phuket and Krabi such tours depart daily in the main by speedboat. You can find a tour company and buy a round.

Maya Beach Thailand: Relaxing in Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Beach Thailand: Relaxing in Maya Bay, Thailand. Photo by Fah Rojvithee

On the beach there are toilets a little further away from the coast, there are no cafes, so bring food and drinks with them, and in any case can not litter! For it shall be exacted! A little further from the beach there is a shop where you can buy any souvenir, a reminder of the magic of Phi Phi Island and a desert island.

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