Interesting Facts About China

Interesting Facts About China

Interesting Facts About China. Photo by Tyler Haglund

Interesting facts about China: China – is an amazing country full of diverse attractions and beauties! The ancient civilization of China was able to save in the depths of their lands original traditions of its own people, a number of powerful technology foundation, peacefully coexisting with ancient traditions of a rich culture.

Beautiful landscapes of untouched nature – from the mild air surface of the cleanest rivers and lakes surrounded by lush green vegetation, to the high snowy peaks of Tibet. Centuries-old temples of Buddha and modern skyscraper cities of China, graceful organically blend into one amazing impersonation on our beautiful Earth, lures many tourists to China, who will experience the emotions hardly comparable with anything either!

Interesting Facts About China

China is often called one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Some of the historical sites, created at the dawn of Chinese civilization, scholars date 6000 BC

The Chinese civilization – is one of several ancient civilizations, which has its own script. In the Chinese language for more than 80 thousand characters. On average, the Chinese, who graduated from university already knows five thousand characters.

Chinese physician Hua T’o, born roughly between 140 and 150 AD, was the first known physician to perform an operation under general anesthesia. Drink of anesthesia was made from hemp and good wine.

Interesting Facts About China: MagLev Speed Train

Interesting Facts About China: MagLev Speed Train. Photo by Max Talbot-Minkin

The fastest train in the world – is Maglev. Maglev runs from the outskirts of Shanghai to its airport. The train that runs on magnetic levitation without friction with the rails, it has a top speed in 431 km / h The cost of a one way ticket on a normal day – about 50 yuan.

Interesting Facts About China: Chines Kites

Interesting Facts About China: Chines Kites. Photo by neiljs

Chinese kites (“paper birds”, “Aeolian Harp”) were invented about 3000 years ago. Initially, they were used not for entertainment purposes, but for the military. Snakes launched into the air to intimidate the enemy in battle. Marco Polo (1254 – 1324) noted in his diary that using kite sailors predicted the success of the voyage.

Many historians argue that China – is the birthplace of the football. The Chinese “play” the ball on the field as early as 1000 years BC.

Interesting Facts About China: Hong Kong

Interesting Facts About China: Hong Kong. Photo by sanfamedia

Hong Kong and Macau have the status of special territories, and de facto they both are  independent states. Chinese citizens,  must obtain the special permission (internal visa) to visit these places.

China is the third largest energy producer in the world after the US and Russia.

Interesting Facts About China: Giant Buddha in Sichuan Province

Interesting Facts About China: Giant Buddha in Sichuan Province. Photo by Mike Lowell

In Sichuan province, was discovered more than 100 dinosaur fossils. Was found four wings of the dinosaurs.

Interesting Facts About China: Panda

Interesting Facts About China: Panda. Photo by George Lu

Giant pandas live in China for about two – three million years. The first Chinese emperors kept pandas to ward off evil spirits and natural disasters. The same black-and-white bears are considered a symbol of strength and courage.

In ancient China, the bed has central heating and independent heating system.

In China, any person who was struck by lightning was exempt from paying taxes for three years.

Interesting Facts About China: Chinese cuisine

Interesting Facts About China: Chinese cuisine. Photo by 郭 子豪

Historians suggest that the increase of the Chinese population, people had to come up with a way of “healthy” food preparation in which the products would be maintained maximum nutrients. Hence, there was a “tradition” of Chinese cuisine in grinding food into small pieces to prepare meals as quickly as possible. Little slicing produce has led to the disappearance of the need to use knives and the invention of chopsticks.

Interesting Facts About China: Shanghai World Financial Center

Interesting Facts About China: Shanghai World Financial Center. Photo by James Creegan

The tallest building in China is – The Tower of the World Financial Center in Shanghai, sometimes called the “can opener.” His height was 492 meters, and to get there, you can either pay 150 yuan for entrance, or free climb the 92 floors of the Hyatt at the bar and order any drink (55 yuan), while taking the same view as from the observation deck.

The first windmills were built in China in about 200 BC.

In 130 BC, the year Zhang Heng, a Chinese astronomer and literary critic, invented the first device to monitor earthquakes. The machine has detected and indicated the location of the earthquake.

In the fourth century BC, Chinese people have become used to heat their homes with natural gas. Fuel is extracted by drilling wells, overtaking European countries in this field for 2300 years.

Interesting Facts About China: Qinghai-Tibet railway

Interesting Facts About China: Qinghai-Tibet railway. Photo by Felix Dance

Qinghai-Tibet railway in China is the highest in the world, rising to the highest point at the height of more than 5 miles away. For this road developed formulations with special cars, in which the oxygen supply. In addition, each passenger may put an individual oxygen mask.

In China, in Indonesia and in the Philippines can be found in the form of burial caskets, nailed to the rocks. The people of Bo, one of China’s national minorities, it was thought that the mountains are the most suitable place for the funeral because they are stairs between the earthly and heavenly worlds.

Interesting Facts About China: Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Interesting Facts About China: Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Photo by kanegen

Tiananmen Square is the world’s largest venue for a variety of demonstrations and performances, and the Three Gorges Dam, located in China – are the largest dam in the world.

Interesting Facts About China: Sunset on Great Yangtze River

Interesting Facts About China: Sunset on Great Yangtze River. Photo by fukagawa

The largest dam in the world based in China. Just this part of the plant, located on the Yangtze River, is the most controversial – during its construction and operation often flashed scandals related to technical difficulties, human rights violations, adverse changes in the environment.

Interesting Facts About China: Chinese silk

Interesting Facts About China: Chinese silk. Photo by Sergeant Killjoy

The Chinese began to manufacture silk, at least since 3000 BC The Romans called China the «Land of the way» («Serica»). The Mystery of Chinese silk and still closely guarded by manufacturers. Everyone who was caught smuggling silkworm cocoons or butterflies, sentenced to death.

Interesting Facts About China: Houses along the Grand Canal

Interesting Facts About China: Houses along the Grand Canal. Photo by fukagawa

China’s Grand Canal – is the oldest and longest canal in the world. Its length is 1795 km. Along its walls erected 24 of the castle, and the banks are connected more than 60 bridges.

The Chinese lunar calendar – is the oldest in the world. It consists of 12 signs of the zodiac, was created in 2006 BC. One cycle is a calendar 60.

According to ancient Chinese legend, tea was discovered in 2737 BC, Emperor Shen-nunem (Shennong). It happened by accident, when fragrant leaves fall to the royal cup of hot water. Modern Chinese people believe that tea is an integral, essential part of their life.

There are mines of Sapphire, Ruby, Turquoise, Diamond, Amethyst and many other gems in China.

The ice cream was prepared for the first time in China 4000 years ago. Someone accidentally left in the snow mixture of milk and rice, and when he returned, he found the ice cream. Marco Polo brought from China to Europe the secrets of making ice cream and pasta.

The name of the Chinese currency “yuan” simply means “round coin” and traditionally recorded hieroglyph 圆. The same character joined the Japanese and Korean writing, with time to be simplified. The very name of money in Japan has changed to “Yen”, and in Korea “won.”