Fastest Private Jet in the World

Fastest Private Jet in the World

Fastest Private Jet in the World. Photo by Noel Jones

Fastest Private Jet in the World: Overview

Cessna Citation X – is the fastest private jet in the world. He is close to breaking the sound barrier, with a cruising speed of a little less than a thousand miles an hour.

To date, all aircraft of Cessna Citation X operating in the world, made ​​a million takeoffs and landings. If you add up all the routes that flew those planes, the result is equivalent to four flights from the Earth to the Sun. The average duration of the active life of the aircraft exceeds the life of the brand most other private jets.

The development team model aircraft of the Citation X continually to improve their creation, tracking all engineering and scientific technological and design innovations in the field of aircraft to apply in another modification of the aircraft all the best achievements of human thought.

Fastest Private Jet in the World: CESSNA CITATION X

Fastest Private Jet in the World: CESSNA CITATION X. Photo by Greg Goebel

Buying a plane Cessna Citation X, you get not only the aircraft, but also the overall service. The production company has created the world’s largest network of service and support aircraft stationed in all parts of the world. Cessna Aircraft offers the owners of qualified support 24 hours a day through the official website, you can get not only all the necessary technical information, but also information about all the new products and services offered by the company.

Fastest Private Jet in the World: Aerodynamic Features

We are used to the fact that the fastest plane requires the most fuel consumption. But Cessna Citation X is no ordinary plane. Thanks to the engines from Rolls-Royce’s and a great aerodynamics, Cessna Citation X has become one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the history of business aviation.

The world’s fastest business jet is also the most advanced in terms of aerodynamics. As a result of its fuel consumption comparable to much slower aircraft that weight class, able to carry fewer passengers.

Fastest Private Jet in the World: CESSNA CITATION X parked

Fastest Private Jet in the World: CESSNA CITATION X parked. Photo by Noel Jones

By designing the aircraft, special attention was paid to the development is ideal aerodynamic qualities each circuit and each lug housing was designed so as to minimize the resistance to air flow, to increase the speed and efficiency of the aircraft.

The wings of Cessna Citation X private jet bent backward at an angle of 37 degrees: more than any other business jet. However, it has excellent stability during take-off and landing, and the unique shape of the wings allows it to significantly reduce the air resistance and further reduce fuel consumption.

Fastest Private Jet in the World: Interior Design

Surprising paradox: one of the most beautiful and luxurious places on earth is often at a distance of several kilometers from the Earth’s surface. Even more ironic is that once in place so attractive, people are so quickly deserting him. Silently and quickly airplane Cessna Citation X delivers its passengers to their destination in a very short time.

The cabin – is the pride of the developers of this model Cessna: the widest, most spacious and extremely beautiful. Soft and elastic chair, comfortable headrests and armrests, and enough space to hold a chair in a horizontal position for a comfortable sleep.

Cabin length – is more than seven meters. There is a spacious and heated baggage compartment that is larger than two cubic meters, suitable for bulky luggage.

Construction of Interior may have different configurations. The most common option is the eight-bedded room with a minibar, a wardrobe for coats and carry-on luggage, dressing room and luggage space in the rear of the ship.
However, this option is not mandatory: the design of the interior cabin Cessna Citation X can be completely personalized, tailored to meet the customer’s wishes. You can choose the color and quality of the leather, fabric, wood and other building materials, select your option arrangement, interior walls, kitchen block, placing flight attendant, communication center and other essential items. The vast space inside the aircraft makes it possible to realize any designer’s imagination.