Facts About Turkey Country

Facts About Turkey Country

Facts About Turkey Country. Photo by Jorge Láscar

Facts About Turkey Country – The Turkey country is one of the most popular destinations for leisure travel.

Turkey is famous for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and affordable prices, all over the world. In addition to tourism, Turkey is also interesting for its history, culture and geography. I call your attention to interesting facts about the Turkey country.

30 Facts About Turkey Country

1. Istanbul – is the only city, which is located at the same time on the two continents: Europe and Asia.  Istanbul was the capital of three great empires – Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Facts About Turkey Country: Istanbul Landscape

Facts About Turkey Country: Istanbul Landscape. Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Istanbul – is a Turkey’s largest city. Its population is more than 14 million 700 thousand people! The area of 5343 km2. All this makes it one of the biggest in the world! Istanbul is also one of the most ancient cities in the world, because it was founded back in the year 667 BC. During its long history, the city wore the names of Byzantium, New Rome and Constantinople.

Facts About Turkey Country: Ankara Landscape

Facts About Turkey Country: Ankara Landscape. Photo by Peretz Partensky

2. Ankara – is the capital of Turkey. The city’s population is about 4 million 300 thousand people. It is the second largest city of the country. Ankara – is the ancient city, the first mention of which was in the VII century BC. Also, the city is a famous tourist center of the world, full of famous landmarks and historical monuments.

Facts About Turkey Country: Catalhoyuk

Facts About Turkey Country: Catalhoyuk. Photo by Jessogden1

3. The world’s oldest science known human settlement is in Catalhoyuk (Çatalhöyük) and dates back to the age of 6500 years BC. The earliest stories in the landscape painted by a man was found in the wall of a house in the Turkish town of Katalhoyuk, and it shows the eruption of a volcano, located near the Hasandaga.

4. Also, in Turkey there is the most ancient temple known to mankind called Gobekli Tepe. Its age is not less than 12,000 years, roughly dated to at least IX millennium BC.

Facts About Turkey Country: Temple of Artemis

Facts About Turkey Country: Temple of Artemis. Photo by askii

5. In Turkey there are two of the seven wonders of the world – the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum Of Halicarnassus.

6. Mount Ararat, where, according to tradition the biblical Noah’s Ark, is located in the east of Turkey.

7. The origins of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that irrigate the gardens of paradise, as described in the Bible are also in Turkey.

Facts About Turkey Country: Ephesus

Facts About Turkey Country: Ephesus. Photo by queulat00

8. The seven churches mentioned in Revelation, found in Turkey: Ephesus, Izmir, Pergamum, Tiatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodice.

9. Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot near “today’s Ankara”. You can often see this double knot on the Turkish rugs. It’s called – the Gordian knot.

10. The most expensive silk carpet in the world is in the museum Melvana in the Turkish Konya town.

11. The parchment was invented in modern Bergama.

12. The Turks brought the first tulips in Holland, which quickly gained recognition all flower lovers not only in the Netherlands but also in England. Tulip bulbs were imported from Istanbul to Vienna in the 1500s, and these flowers have become so popular in the Netherlands by 1634, the fascination with these flowers were called “tulip mania.”

People have invested money in tulips as well as investing in stocks today. This period of refined taste and amusements seventeenth centuries in Turkey called “tulip age.”

13. An interesting fact: Coffee was imported from Turkey in the XV century, and immediately gained immense popularity. Few people know that in this century has been introduced a law allowing women to file for divorce if their husbands are not able to provide their daily cup of coffee! By the way, the Turks brought coffee to Europe in the XVII century!

Facts About Turkey Country:  Demre in Antalya (Turkey)

Facts About Turkey Country: Demre in Antalya (Turkey). Photo by Caleb Maclennan

14. It is believed that Saint Nicholas was born in the provincial town of Demre in Antalya (Turkey), located on the coast of the Mediterranean. At the present time, there is a world-famous church of St. Nicholas, where is his sarcophagus.

Facts About Turkey Country: Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Facts About Turkey Country: Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Minamie’s Photo

15. Throughout Turkey has about 78,000 mosques!

16. The world-famous Turkish markets are renowned for their expensive goods. But the Turks are especially tricky wind the price several times to be able to bargain with you, because for them it’s like a fun game, not just to make money.

17. In Antioch (district in the south of Turkey) built the first church in the world, which bears the name of St. Peter.

Facts About Turkey Country:  Lake Van, in eastern Turkey - the biggest lake in Turkey

Facts About Turkey Country: Lake Van, in eastern Turkey – the biggest lake in Turkey. Photo by Bryce Edwards

18. The largest lake in Turkey is called the Van.

Facts About Turkey Country:  Anatolia

Facts About Turkey Country: Anatolia. Photo by Jota_BRAZIL

19. Anatolia – is a part of Turkey, located in Asia – was settled by the Ionians (Greeks from Attica). Here are preserved classical Greek Ionic columns.

20. In the ancient city – Ephesus (modern territory of Turkey), there is the Temple of Artemis (Diana), who was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

21. Writing appeared for the first time in ancient Anatolia. The first clay tablets found in the ruins of the Assyrian trading colonies belong to 1950 BC.

22. The oldest tin mine was discovered in Göltepe, 60 miles south of Tarsus.

23. In Turkey, there are about 9,000 species of flowers, of which 3,000 are endemic. For comparison, it should be said that in Europe there are about 11,500 species.

24. The famous Trojan War took place in western Turkey, near the spot where now stands Trojan horse.

25. In Turkey is still popular dish “Ashur” – bitter sweet pudding made ​​from the remains of food found in Noah’s ark, the last day of the flood.

Facts About Turkey Country: Turkish Cuisine

Facts About Turkey Country: Turkish Cuisine. Photo by Crystal Martel

26. Turkish cuisine – is one of the most famous and distinctive national cuisines of the world, it is one of the three best cuisines of the world.

27. The First Ecumenical Council was held in the Turkish city – in Nicaea (now Iznik).

28. Anatolia – is the birthplace of historic legends such writers as the poet Homer, King Midas, the father of history Herodotus and the Apostle Paul.

29. Julius Caesar uttered his famous words, “I came, I saw, I conquered” in Turkey when he won the Pontus, a vast kingdom in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

30. The first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located in the Ephesus city.