Interesting Facts About Japan

Interesting facts about Japan

Interesting facts about Japan. Photo by Guwashi999

Interesting facts about Japan – Over the past 20 years, Japan has become one of the most interesting and popular countries in the world. A unique culture, great food and technological advances fascinate and inspire.

Japan is located in Asia, it is a direct neighbor of China, Russia and Korea. The country is made up of many islands, the main and most famous of which are considered the four islands – Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.

Japan is often referred to as the «Land of the Rising Sun». The Japanese themselves call their country «Nippon» or «Nihon», which means «The Origin of the Sun».

25 Interesting Facts About Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: Tokyo Landscape

Interesting Facts About Japan: Tokyo Landscape. Photo by ajari

1. Tokyo is the safest metropolis in the world. Tokyo is so safe that the six-year old children moving using public transport by themselves.

2. The main feature that immediately catches the eye, is carefully preserved natural environment of the country. Each piece of land, even sandwiched among the skyscrapers of tiny lawn can be turned into a mini nature reserve, any tiny pond or lawn can be a local shrine, which cares for and oversees the entire district.

The set of carefully preserved historic monuments, buildings and temples spread throughout the country, so Japan makes an indelible impression on everyone who has ever been in this country.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Torii in Kamakura, Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: Torii in Kamakura, Japan. Photo by Josh Hawley

3. The symbol of the country is the biggest “sacred gate” (“Torii”)  – the wooden gate of Itsukushima shrine to the “sacred” Miyajima Island, standing right in the water in a small bay.   Another symbol of Japan is the famous Mount Fuji (the high is 3,776 meters). Mount Fiji is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world, surrounded by no less picturesque surroundings.

The industrial symbol of the country is considered the Seto-Ohashi Bridge, thrown across the Inland Sea (Seto) from Honshu to Shikoku.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Daibutsuden, Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Interesting Facts About Japan: Daibutsuden, Todai-ji Temple, Nara. Photo by inu-photo

4. Nara – is the first imperial capital of the country (710-784.), A real open-air museum.

5. Japan is a small country, but there are a lot of very large things. Here is the most expensive amusement park in the world of Disney Sea, four of the ten tallest roller coaster. In Tokyo, the most advanced metro system in the world, is the largest railway hub and the largest Mixed pedestrian crossing.

6. The Japanese imperial dynasty has never been interrupted. The reigning Emperor Akihito today a direct descendant of the first emperor Jimmu, who founded the Japan in 711 BC.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Fuji Mount

Interesting Facts About Japan: Fuji Mount. Photo by Asela Jayarathne

7. Mount Fuji is privately owned. In the Shinto shrine Hong Seng remained deed of gift from 1609, which the Shogun gave possession of the Temple Mount. In 1974, confirmed the authenticity of the dedication Supreme Court of Japan, and then had no choice but to transfer the ownership of the Temple Mount. Because ownership in Japan is untouchable.

8. As in Japan, strictly reserved the blackness of ownership, so here there are dozens of companies with more than a thousand years of history. For example Hoshi Hotel Rekan continuously operating since 718 years. It is managed by the same family for over 46 generations.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by syvwlch

9. Kyoto was founded in 792-794 years. and up to 1868 under the name of the Heian (“city of peace and tranquility”) was officially regarded as the nation’s capital and the emperor’s residence.

It is extremely colorful and romantic city, the acknowledged center of international tourism. There are about 2,000 temples and churches (of which 17 are under the protection of UNESCO), hundreds of parks and dozens of ancient palaces.

The special charm of Kyoto gives the unique harmony of all its many buildings with the surrounding landscape.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Beppu Bay, Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: Beppu Bay, Japan. Photo by eutrophication&hypoxia

10. Beppu town is one of the largest districts out of underground thermal waters on the planet.

11. In the Japanese subway and JR have women-only carriages. They are attached in the morning to rush hour no one molested girls. Japanese voyeurs, and feeling girls packed trains something of a national sport.

12. Most Japanese characters consist of 2-4 syllables, but there are amazing exceptions. For example 砉 character is read as “hanetokavatogahanareruoto” is thirteen syllables! Describing the sound made by separating the flesh from the bone.

13. In all the northern cities of Japan, where it snows in winter, heated sidewalks and streets. There is no ice, snow and clean up is not necessary. It is very convenient!

14. In Japan, there is one of the most liberal of tobacco laws. Smoking is allowed everywhere except in airports and railway platforms.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Hokkaido, Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: Hokkaido, Japan. Photo by David McKelvey

15. The second largest island of Japan – is Hokkaido. This northern island (“the way to the Northern Seas”), is considered the most underpopulated and “green” island of the archipelago. About 10% of the area of the island are more than 20 national parks, making it a recognized center for adventure tourism of the country.

16. More than half of the railways in Japan are private. Non-state carriers are responsible for 68% of the country’s rail service.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Daisetsuzan National Park

Interesting Facts About Japan: Daisetsuzan National Park. Photo by Mikael Leppä

17. There are many national parks in  Japan, including such well-known as Daisetsuzan, Bandai-Asahi, Nikko, Kirishima with waterfall Senrigataki, Seto-Naikan, Sikotsu-Toya, Chichibu-Tama, Fuji-Hakone-Izu, underwater parks, nature reserves and reserves, although relatively small in size, but have an indescribable national color.

18. The Japanese language has several levels of politeness: conversational, respectful, polite and very courteous. Women almost always speak in a respectful form of language, but men always speak in conversational.

19. The ninth article of the Japanese Constitution prohibits the country to have an army and take part in wars.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Japanese cuisine

Interesting Facts About Japan: Japanese cuisine. Photo by Tony Gladvin George

20. Japanese cuisine:

The Japanese take their food with chopsticks, which are called “Hashi”.

The Japanese daily buy meat, fish and vegetables, because they prefer fresh, unpreserved product. That is why the most popular in Japan used refrigerators medium and small sizes.

Rice is the main type of food here, it is served during meals almost every time.

Interesting Facts About Japan: Miso soup

Interesting Facts About Japan: Miso soup. Photo by Stacy Spensley

Miso soup – is a favorite dish at any time of the day, it can cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The main ingredient of this dish – soybean paste, dissolved into the broth of seaweed.

A traditional Japanese breakfast – is a steamed rice with natto (fermented soy beans).

21.  In Japan, is a very expensive transportation. The cheapest metro ticket will cost 140 yen ($1,4).

22. Japan is a birthplace of Mikimoto cultured pearls. There are also deposits of Opal Gemstone.